Pinnacle Connections LLC

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About Us

About Us

Pinnacle Connections LLC specializes in assisting clients with temporary staffing needs for Anti-Money Laundering, Sanctions and Know-Your-Customer Projects, Fraud Investigations, and Document Review/Litigation Support. Pinnacle's established team of professionals assist financial institutions, law firms, consulting firms, and other corporations with preparing for litigation, responding to regulatory enforcement orders pertaining to AML/KYC, and resolving complex financial fraud and bribery investigations.  Our experienced team of licensed attorneys, former law enforcement officials, CFE and CAMS certified investigators, and former banking executives have assisted numerous clients on projects ranging in duration from one week to multiple years

Contact Us

Contact Us

Pinnacle Connections has experienced staff to assist your organization with a wide array of legal and regulatory compliance matters. We pride ourselves in responding quickly to clients' needs and providing the right team at the right price.


Our Comprehensive Suite of Services Encompasses:


  • Document Review & Litigation Support
  • AML & OFAC Services
  • Customer Due Diligence & KYC Remediations
  • Anti-Bribery/Investigative Due Diligence & Fraud Investigations

Pinnacle provides temporary legal staffing to assist clients nationwide with the complex and burdensome process of document review and analysis. Experienced legal professionals with prior document review experience and proficient with the document review tools your organization uses are available to support your project management team. Pinnacle rapidly deploys these professionals to your project site, in order to provide your team with the immediate support needed for a successful engagement.

Pinnacle's team of highly-skilled investigators can advise your organization on transaction monitoring rule development and optimization across a wide variety of software platforms, conduct investigations to identify potentially suspicious transactions, draft case summaries and suspicious activity reports, perform quality assurance reviews, and conduct in-depth, specialized reviews in response to subpoena requests or high-risk client monitoring.


Our AML & OFAC Services Include:


  • OFAC Filtering and Look-back Services
  • Alert Backlog Clearance
  • Transaction Monitoring Look-backs
  • Complex Case Investigations

Whether you are conducting a remediation of KYC files due to a regulatory enforcement action, onboarding and risk rating new customers as part of a merger, undertaking routine file maintenance, or performing enhanced due diligence on your high risk clients, Pinnacle's team of investigators can conduct reviews which include updating data contained in customer files, identification of potential red flags, and performing analysis to determine appropriate risk ratings.


Our KYC & Customer Due Diligence Services Include:


  • CIP/KYC File Assessments & Remediation
  • Customer Risk Ranking Reviews
  • Customer Risk Assessments
  • Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) for High Risk Customers
  • Beneficial Ownership Investigations

Whether you need support conducting routine due diligence on your vendors, performing risk assessments on potential acquisition targets, dealing with an internal fraud investigation, or responding to requests from the DOJ or other law enforcement officials regarding bribery and corruption matters, Pinnacle's team of investigative professionals are ready to assist.


Our Anti-Bribery, IDD, and Fraud Investigative Services Include:


  • Third Party Vendor Due Diligence
  • Acquisition/Joint Venture Due Diligence & Risk Assessment
  • Fraud & Misconduct Investigations
  • Anti-bribery/Corruption Investigations
  • Enhanced Due Diligence Investigations